Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Upcoming review Topper Takes a Trip

Topper Takes a Trip by Thorne Smith- rating #80537.  I haven't died, my son has been keeping me hopping.  I get in bed with Topper and- no reflection on him but I fall asleep.  My copy of this book is from 1932. It's rank is 5,193,261.  But I included a link to a newer paperback version that should be easier to find.
I love the hardcover, it's pages are so old that it's the color of a New York cheesecake.  The illustrations are charming.  My copy is my Mom's but was originally  owned by Frank Celko Jr.  Because I am a freak, I googled him and he was a member of the 74th engineers.  I looooove used books.  I especially enjoy a used cookbook with notes and splatters so you can see where the good recipes are.  I like the feeling of connection to other book lovers who clearly could not bare to throw a book in the garbage.  Quelle horreur! I should have the complete review up in a few days, but I just wanted to let you know what was up.  I also have two books by Betty MacDonald on order but they are taking forever to get here.  And, I have the new book by John Waters which I already read but wanted to refresh on before I reviewed it.  TTFN troops.

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